Anonymous said: will you write another dylan sprouse fanfic? (rated r)

Possibly soon. I miss writing. 

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Anonymous said: vocês não vão continuar a imagine ? parou no capítulo 10 , eu não acredito que vocês não vão continuar , estava tão interessante !

Perhaps I will continue one day. Maybe soon ;)

Anonymous said: Se que nunca me veras, como la causa de un desvelo Yo se que no comprenderas, que soy el angel de tu cuento Entiendo que tus ojos tienen miedo, de ver a la mujer que soy por dentro

Je ne comprend pas. 

Anonymous said: Where are you babe?

College ;) haha but seriously thats where.

Anonymous said: I miss you :((((

Ahh I’m sorry! I will make some imagines after my classes today :)

Anonymous said: are you gonna write another dylan sprouse fanfic soon?

Most likely :) I just need an idea first. I have writers block :/

Anonymous said: hello what's up.

oh hi. nothing really. playing my nancy drew game. what about you anon?


sleeping angel.


sleeping angel.

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Happy Birthday Dylan & Cole Sprouse


Happy Birthday Dylan & Cole Sprouse

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Anonymous said: happy b-day twins sprouse

Yep happy 20th to the Sprouse twins! :) 

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